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How to play Baseball in minecraft

Discussion in 'Your Minecraft Creations' started by SimplisticX2, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. SimplisticX2

    SimplisticX2 New Member

    So this is how to play Base Ball on BlaizeCraft.
    Me (Simplisticx2) and my friend (Killdroid1000) mad a away to play baseball on minecraft and we thought we would tell everyone. These are the rules and how to play, so come on over to Blaizecraft

    • Field made by Simplisticx2
    • Original posy made by Killdroid1000
    Requirements :
    • Admin/Mod/Izka
    • At least 3 People
    • a field
    1st: You will need anyone with the ability to shot/throw a Ghast Fireball. People who can throw fireballs are Admins, Mods, and Izka. Once you have someone they can be a Pitcher.

    2nd: To play base ball you will need at least 3 people to play it.
    [​IMG]Simp - pitcher, Izka - Batter, F1 - Outfielder
    But it doesnt really matter how many people you have. For all we care you could have like 20 F1's

    3rd:Ok you got your people but now you need a field...
    ok this is the key to your field and rules.

    Ok now you got your stuff

    You will have your 3 (or more) people standing in their positions.

    The pitcher (Simp) with throw the Ball (fireball) to the batter (Izka).

    The batter will then hit the ball with a stick

    Then the Outfielder or pitcher will try to make it explode on himself which would count towards "catching" it.
    but the outfielder or pitcher hit it into one of the areas it will do what the color code is.

    Red - Out
    Yellow - HomeRun
    Pink - They stop on what ever base they were last on
    Green - They go to first Base
    Blue - They go to second base
    Purple - They go to thrid base

    So that is the basics of Base ball on Blaizecraft. (Flying is allowed)
    I will make better because I was in a rush.
  2. ant50003

    ant50003 Member

    You should read the forum rules before you go posting something..... @Medi
    You're not supose to advertise ips. or web sites.
  3. Euan

    Euan Server Member Architect

    Correct Giving away your server ip is against Forum Rules
  4. SimplisticX2

    SimplisticX2 New Member

    O sorry, i will remove the ip, i just want to share the game we invented with everyone
  5. Kevin12haha

    Kevin12haha Server Member Craftsman

    Your site adress is still in there, it's against the rules like Creator already said. @Medi ?
  6. SimplisticX2

    SimplisticX2 New Member

    O sorry, i really only saw the part where i needed to remove the ip, ill remove the website too.

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